Mystery Seconds / B-Grade Pin Set (4 pcs)


The set comes with 4 mystery seconds/b-grade enamel pins on a special backing card. This set is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! Receive 4 surprise mystery enamel pins for a really good discount! The pin design may vary, you cannot pick them, otherwise, it’s not a mystery right?

Up to 50% off! All Seconds/B-grade pins are wearable with minor imperfection. Great discounted price if you don’t mind one or two imperfections on them.

Seconds/B-grade pins contain slightly noticeable flaws, flaws may include:
• Chips or shallow cracks, dark specks or dust
• Missing/discolored enamel
• Overfilled/underfilled colors
• Misplaced posts/spikes or slight movement on posts

They will come with regular packaging. Includes a standard rubber back and special backing card.

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